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Behavioral Health Provider Training & Certification Program by IBFMG

Welcome! You have an opportunity to join an elite group of Behavioral Health Providers (BHPs) who transition into Primary Care. The conversion will be difficult, but the rewards are substantial. Please watch the introduction video here.

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Primary Care Offices are in search of QUALIFIED mental health practitioners. Unfortunately, most mental health clinicians do not have the knowledge-base, skills, and abilities necessary to smoothly make the transition. It is well documented that most people with a mental illness first show up at their PCPs office. In fact, 80% of people with a mental health disorder will visit a PCP at least once a year. Fortunately, the PCP often recognizes the need to involve a BHP, but their choices are extremely limited. The truth, graduate schools across the country have not kept pace with changes being pushed into the mental health community. Hence, hesitation by PCPs about where to refer patients for proper care.


We, at IBFMG, have developed a comprehensive and demanding behavioral health training program that allows you to gain the expertise and credentials you need! The training can be completed through our exclusive online 12 module curriculum or you may attend one of the twice per year live presentations. Once you complete our comprehensive certification program, you will be exclusively qualified to work in any Primary Care Office. While Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are brilliant in their own right, they generally don’t have in-depth training in mental disorders. Think about it. When you are just down the hall from the PCP, he/she is more apt to refer mental health cases to you. You then become the frontline to prevent misdiagnosis. Diagnostic acumen is a paramount feature of the training

you will receive. Please don't wait until the nation is saturated with QUALIFIED Mental Health Providers! THIS IS A CAREER CHANGING INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE!